Don’t know where to start?

You Want Sponsorship, But....

The Struggle is Real....

How do other racers succeed at getting sponsors?

We Get It

How Would You Feel If...

• Your car was filled with sponsors?

• You knew exactly what to do to make sponsors happy?

• You could form lasting relationships with sponsors?

• You could build a raving fan base?

• You could attract sponsors and they started coming to you?

That's Why We Created the Winning Motorsports Marketing Program

From One of Our Students

This course has helped me get thousands of dollars in sponsorship.

I am a first time racer for the 2019 season.

I have intently watched the Winning Motorsports Marketing program and have gained amazing knowledge from both Kate Dillon and Holli Henry.

Their many tips and tricks on gaining sponsorship as well as how to approach potential sponsors has made all the difference. Racing has been my dream for many years. Now I'm able to make it happen because of their help.

I am more than happy to say that this program has been a complete success for me and I can’t wait to start racing. Thanks Kate and Holli !!! ”

First Year Racer

Alex Hendren

The Winning Motorsports Marketing Course Includes 20+ Video Lessons

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Winning Motorsports Marketing!
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    • Welcome
    • Winning Motorsports Marketing Workbook
  • 02
    Module 1 - Where to Start
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    • 1.0 Snapshot
    • 1.1 Branding
    • 1.2 Gratitude
    • 1.3 Your Story
    • 1.4 Getting Started with Sponsors
  • 03
    Module 2 - Your Presentation
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    • 2.0 Snapshot
    • 2.1 Your Presentation
    • 2.2 Your Offer
    • 2.3 Dos and Don'ts of Seeking Sponsorship
    • 2.4 How to Approach a Potential Sponsor
  • 04
    Module 3 - Tools for Success
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    • 3.0 Snapshot
    • 3.1 Posting Ideas for Social Media
    • 3.2a Intro to Websites
    • 3.2b Ben Shelton from MSR Mafia about the Power of Websites
    • 3.2c David Chambers from Race Page Pro about Websites
    • 3.3 Facebook Overview
    • 3.4 Instagram
  • 05
    Module 4 - All About Interviews
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    • 4.1 About Interviews with Holli and Kate
    • 4.2 Announcer Wesley Outland on Interviews
    • 4.3 Announcer Ben Shelton on Interviews
  • 06
    Bonus Videos
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    • Frank Simonetti from Swift Springs - What They Look For in a Sponsored Driver
    • Driver Chris Ferguson on Sponsorship
    • Jimmy Schiltz from Dirtwrap - The Power of Loyalty and Leveraging Business Relationships for Sponsorship
    • Racer Royce Henry on What Sponsors Really Want
    • Interview with Brian Littleton from Racelogic Chassis School
    • Interview with Cody Haskins from KRC Power Steering
  • 07
    Tech Resources
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    • Instagram Stories How-To
    • Facebook Pages for Racers
    • How to Create a YouTube Channel
    • How to Download and Edit Gopro Footage with your Phone

What it Includes

In addition to the 20+ video lessons, you will also have a 24-page workbook with exercises to guide you through the lessons.

Who Are We?

  • Holli Henry

    Instructor Bio:

    Holli Henry is a Brand Ambassador and a Trophy Girl. She and her husband, Royce run a succesful business, Henry’s Trailers. Royce is a racer and she is the Crew Chief for their team, Rolls Royce Racing. Holli changes tires with the same ease as conducting a post-race interview.

    Holli has used her marketing experience from her previous career to succeed in obtaining sponsorship not only for her own race team, but also for tracks.

    Holli’s superpowers include
    • Branding advice
    • How to get Return-On-Investment (ROI) for Sponsors
    • Sponsorship Presentations/Proposals

    Holli Henry

    Holli Henry
  • Kate Dillon

    Instructor Bio:

    Kate Dillon is the girl who sells race car parts at Crate She started the business with nothing but an idea from her 2-bedroom apartment. She has gone on to sell millions online. From the start, she has sold advertising on the site (another word for sponsorship).

    Now companies seek her out to get marketing advice—and also to sell their products. She has directly obtained over $100k in sponsorship and her training has led other racers to tens of thousands of dollars in product and cash.

    Kate’s superpowers include:
    • Adding value for Sponsors
    • Social media strategies and techniques
    • Video marketing
    • Digital techie stuff

    Kate Dillon

    Kate Dillon


  • Brandon Marshall

    “If you don't know where to get started in your marketing program in racing, this is where you need to start! This course gives you all the information and dos/don'ts in the market. Highly recommend taking this course!”

    “If you don't know where to get started in your marketing program in racing, this is where you need to start! This course gives you all the information and dos/don'ts in the market. Highly recommend taking this course!”

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We also invited some friends to contribute

Ben Shelton


Ben Shelton is a well-known announcer. He’s announced events for, MAVTV, CBS Sports, and more.

He is also the owner of MSR Mafia – a company that builds and maintains websites for racers. In the program, Ben shares his wisdom on websites and also gives great advice about boosting your status through interviews.

David Chambers


David Chambers is a long-time car owner who saw the need for racers to have their own websites. He created the company Race Page to provide racers with an easy-to-use platform for their websites.

Wesley Outland


Wesley Outland is an announcer who has worked in a variety of sports, with racing at the core. He is the voice of Fastrak. He is also a Fox Sports Contributor and MAVTV Announcer. Wesley has some great tips about interviews.

....and some Bonus Interviews

Frank Simonetti

Swift Springs

Frank Simonetti from Swift Springs talks about what they look for in a sponsored driver.

Chris Ferguson


Dirt Late Model Racer Chris Ferguson shares his advice about working with and retaining sponsors.

Jimmy Schiltz


Jimmy talks about the power of loyalty and gives tips on how to leverage business relationships to get sponsors.

Royce Henry


Modified Racer Royce Henry talks about what sponsors really want--both before and during a sponsorship deal. Hint: it’s not about the number of wins you have.

What Others are Saying

“As a new racer, I wanted to promote my new team, and form some beneficial partnerships with some great companies, but I really didn’t know where to start.

I wasn’t even sure how to create a race team specific Facebook page, that was separate from my personal page. I stumbled upon Winning Motorsports Marketing as I was looking for crate engine parts, and maintenance products on the page, and I couldn’t have asked for a better resource for guidance in the area related to promoting my team.

I took the checklist that Kate, and Holli created, and used the principles to create a page focusing on creating awareness around my team for friends and fans, while working hard to promote some of the great companies that I have been able to build relationships with as I built my car.

I cannot say enough about Winning Motorsports Market- if you are willing to do the work, it will set you up for success.”


Brad Schaale

Holli & Kate

A Message from

We’ve teamed up to create a dual visioned program from coast to coast to show drivers and race teams the way.

With our course you’ll finally know the correct and effective way to market your team and get the sponsors you need.

Your goals, life’s story, and racing histories are what American Motorsports are known for. This course will teach you the invaluable way to finally get your team noticed and sponsored while being true to who you are.
Holli & Kate


  • What does the course include?

    The course includes 20+ video lessons along with a 24-page workbook.

  • How much is it?

    The cost is $197

  • How long will I have to watch the videos?

    You will have access to the course for one year.

  • Will this program really help me get sponsors?

    If you're willing to do the work, there's no reason why you shouldn't be successful. You will be several steps ahead of your competitors.

Have Questions?

Wondering if this program is right for you?

Feel free to send an email to Kate at