• Kate Dillon

    Instructor Bio:

    Kate Dillon is the girl who sells race car parts at Crate Insider.com. She started the business with nothing but an idea from her 2-bedroom apartment. She has gone on to sell millions online. From the start, she has sold advertising on the site (another word for sponsorship).

    Now companies seek her out to get marketing advice—and also to sell their products. She has directly obtained over $100k in sponsorship and her training has led other racers to tens of thousands of dollars in product and cash.

    Kate’s superpowers include:
    • Adding value for Sponsors
    • Social media strategies and techniques
    • Video marketing
    • Digital techie stuff

    Kate Dillon

    Kate Dillon
  • Holli Henry

    Instructor Bio:

    Holli Henry is a Brand Ambassador and a Trophy Girl. She and her husband, Royce run a succesful business, Henry’s Trailers. Royce is a racer and she is the Crew Chief for their team, Rolls Royce Racing. Holli changes tires with the same ease as conducting a post-race interview.

    Holli has used her marketing experience from her previous career to succeed in obtaining sponsorship not only for her own race team, but also for tracks.

    Holli’s superpowers include
    • Branding advice
    • How to get Return-On-Investment (ROI) for Sponsors
    • Sponsorship Presentations/Proposals

    Holli Henry

    Holli Henry

Holli & Kate

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